Number Ad(d)venture Series

The Number Ad(d)venture­ series is packed with exciting and fun activities to practice basic maths proficiency. There is no need for maths to be boring!!!! Grab a colouring pencil or crayons and a dice and learn through play!
30 maths activity pages with answers included (except in Number Ad(d)venture Smart Start) in each e-book.
Price: R40 each

For orders please download the catalogue and complete the order form (last page). Orders can be sent to

Number Ad(d)venture Smart Start (for+- 5-6 year old)

Number Addventure Smart Start voorblad Number Addventure Smart Start agterblad

Number Ad(d)venture 1 (for +- grade 1 to 2)

Number Addventure 1 ebook voorblad Number Addventure 1 ebook agterblad

Number Ad(d)venture 2 (for +- grade 3 to 4)

Number Addventure 2 ebook front cover Number Addventure 2 ebook back cover

Number Ad(d)venture 3 (for +- grade 5 to 7) Available soon!

Number Addventure 3 ebook voorblad Number Addventure 3 ebook agterblad

Example pages for each e-book can be found at Somme(r) Pret reeks

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